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Man there was so many more games than we expected to come in…we are all so excited, everyone is ready to play. Men will start fights to get onto the Xbox1…
SSG Wesley N, 5th Special Forces Group
I knew you guys were legends, but what has arrived has blown everybody’s minds.
LCPL Matthew H, Royal Signals (UK)
A lot of people seem to think that gaming is just a waste of time, or pointless. But out here, gaming is a stress reliever, something we all need.
SSG Steven S, 727 Expeditionary Air Control Squadron, Detachment 4
You have made a lot of sailors happy today. Thank you again for the games and all you do for the military.
BM1 Samuel S, OD Division, USS Roosevelt
Let me tell you, the look on the Soldiers faces when we open the container was priceless.
1SG Marlon M, Bravo Company, 502nd Military Intelligence Battalion
I and my Soldiers are happier than a kid a Christmas time. Once again thank you for support this really means a lot to us over.
SFC Gregory R, 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 101st Airborne Division
The Marines and Sailors out here are SOOO thankful for the “Supply Drop” that can’t stop raving about how great, and unexpected, it was when I opened the box.
GySgt Michael H, Marine Air Control Group 38 Detachment
You really have no idea how appreciative we are for this. It’s been great getting to sit back and relax and some friendly trash talking when we have a little bit of down time. Thank you for this wonderful program.
SSG Joshuah E, 38th OD CO (EOD)
Operation Supply Drop was pivotal in increasing moral among these men, as they go forth to do bad things to bad people. Please tell all our donors that we are extremely appreciative of supplying to our men on the front lines!
Chaplain Brian H, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group