"While in Iraq in 2003, our infantry company received a crate of third-hand harlequin romance novels donated from a library. We ended up using them for target practice on the test fire range, but it was then I realized: people back home want to help, but they don't know what soldiers want."

Captain Stephen "Shanghai Six" Machuga
Founder, Operation Supply Drop

About Operation Supply Drop


Operation Supply Drop (OSD) is a military gaming 501(c)(3) charity designed to build video game filled care packages for soldiers (America and Her Allies) both deployed forward to combat zones as well as those recovering in military hospitals. 



Origin Story 

OSD was created as a way for Captain Stephen Machuga to support the troops with his love of video gaming. Founded in 2010 after having worked with other charity efforts, Captain Machuga's first supply drop to the troops was to none other than his driver from Iraq, Geoff, who had re-enlisted and been sent to Afghanistan. Captain Machuga reached out to his contacts within the games industry to get some support, where he received his first real donation of games from Activision's social media manager Dan "One of Swords" Amrich. It was this bounty of Guitar Hero bundles and games that really got the charity off the ground, not only giving him a small inventory to work with, but the confidence to go to other developers and publishers and ask for games and gear on behalf of the military. Word quickly spread that some crazy Captain was sending thousands of dollars in video games to soldiers as long as you could prove you were in a combat zone, and things have been on an upward trajectory ever since having served over 3,000 individual troops and raising nearly $1,100,000 since inception.



As the United States and her allies end of formal combat operations and continue the full transition of authority to the Afghan government scheduled in 2015, OSD will also transition from wartime to peacetime support of the military. This involves increased on-base activities stateside, further supply drops to peacekeeping and humanitarian missions worldwide, as well as OSD's newest initiative, the "Thank You Deployment" (kicking off mid-2014).

In the future, OSD will continue to act as an intermediary between video game developers/publishers and the United States military, working with soldiers leaving the service, into adult education programs to facilitate them into entry-level gaming developer jobs.

Where Does the Name “Operation Supply Drop” Come From?

The name of the charity came from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′s killstreak bonus, the “care package”.  Achieved after getting four kills in a row without dying, the player is given a smokegrenade to call in a resupply point on the map, where an extremely useful care package is dropped at to resupply the player with.  One of the audio blurbs accompanying the care package was an MH-6 helicopter pilot calling you to notify you that a “Supply Drop inbound to your location!” 

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